Star Wars: Rise of the Empire

Scum & villainy

I woke to the sound of the exodus coming out of hyperspace. At first i was startled to find a green twilek in my bed next to me. Her name was Caie Sillint She was a slave i bought on the planet of Diyu. She kicked in her sleep it was painful though it served as an alarm clock. I quickly got dressed and made my way to the bridge, the rest of the crew was preparing to offload the slaves we saved. A hooded man came to me, he wore brown robes and assisted greatly in our previous battles And was one of the few jedi left in the galaxy. Thaddius came to me asking if we could assist in finding His padawan, he didn’t give much information as to where we could find her but i offered my aid. little did I know one of the crew had other plans. Once we landed the crew quickly scattered our resident doctor Tenzin Faro went off to sell the weapons we had acquired from the empire while Mur’ocol’siserci [Deceased] made a fool of himself ending up on a viral holo called the helicopter and ran into a someone that would change our lives forever and send us on this crusade to rid the galaxy of the empire. While everyone scattered our paths eventually met up to find one of our companions Scotty had gathered bounty hunters to capture or kill Thaddius After witnessing the empire first hand I thought it was best to stand up to Scotty. Issuing a honor duel we engaged in a knife fight, He was more equiped but our training was about the same in CQC. But i wasn’t looking to win i was looking to survive, and to buy time for the others as they set up an ambush. Caie Sillint was waiting in the vents above with a stun rifle as as it looked like I was about to lose my life, bloody and beaten she fired hitting Scotty in the head Dispatching him. a blaster fight sprung out as Rleri’noaw’auna [Deceased] a fellow chiss we had picked up on Diyu dragged me to safety. I may have been injured but i was fit enough to use my rifle. She reloaded as I fired and through tactics and teamwork we killed the hunters sparing Scotty’s life and putting him in prison
We soon found ourselves caught up in another plot one that lead us exactly towards The padawan we’d been searching for. an imperial officer was assassinated in public and i managed to spot the culprit, I gave chase with Mur’ocol’siserci [Deceased] and we soon found ourselves jumping on top a clone gunship as it was lifting off attempting to invade the imperials. after a long winded chase of adrenaline and near death experiences we were face to face with the killers. They were Clones, the ones that protected the galaxy in the clone wars, They had rebelled like so many others in the face of the empire unable to betray their jedi companions each from a different division and their leader was a clone Commando. Gamma 25 that of the same squad of the troopers we had fought on the exodus. They had an idea where the Jedi padawan was. however so did the empire, we had to act quickly. Gathering the team we split into two groups, and infiltration squad and a diversion squad. our goal was the Jekk’Jekk Tarr a Nightclub for aliens I lead the diversion team long with Our new found ally Gamma 25, The team consisted of Rleri’noaw’auna [Deceased] Scotty and myself, the other team consisted of Tenzin Faro Mur’ocol’siserci [Deceased] Caie Sillint Who went up ahead to search for the padawan. the Distraction team was quickly swarmed by storm troopers and Inowa was Hit in the side by a stray blaster shot. I took up a sniper position on the catwalk and they locked us in the as soon as the door opened i saw a Repeater cannon ready to open fire on my team, i Took a shot. Managed to Kill the gunner, commander, and reloader causing the rest of the stormtroopers to surrender we met up with the infiltration team that had been getting resistance and pushed forwards. I told Tenz Gamma and Scotty to stay behind and cover our exit as we moved in. They held the swarm off better then I had expected for such a shoddy plan. by the time we arrived The padawan had already been defeated and was getting airlifted out by a jetpack Squad. I quickly shot out the jetpacks causing them to fall back inside the nightclub it was dark and musky from the smoke of the alien vats. we didn’t realize they had a combat mech and that was the thing that defeated her. it opened fire with it’s repeating blaster shreading anything in it’s vacinity knocking Mur’ocol’siserci [Deceased] & Rleri’noaw’auna [Deceased] Out of the fight instantly causing them to be buried under rubble i managed to get out of the way just in time and after witnessing My comrades dire situation i jumped on the back of the mech shoving a belt of grenades into his back and jumping off at the last second. The explosion wasn’t enough to bring it down and it fired a rocket at Caie Sillint knocking her into a nearby room, i could hear the Blaster repeater spinning to life. I made a last ditch effort to get to her in time. I barely made it slamming the door shut as it began to fire but i was on the wrong side…Luckily the shots didn’t hit anywhere vital but the next barrage was sure to kill me as i looked death in the face roccols Got his hand free aiming at the cockpit he fired, Killing the Driver instantly. Then I heard the sound of a ship overhead in the hole the empire made i felt my stomach sink as i was sure it was the reinforcements but instead it was the clones they had come to our rescue, I turned back to the hallway to see Scotty and Tenz limping their way to us. Gamma wasn’t with them, I found out from Tenz that he had sacrificed himself to save the others he was a true soldier until the end and we were not going to let his death Be in vein, the clones and the padawan joined us on the exodus Our band of misfits and rebels was started to look more like a team and our next stop was Bothawui

The world that was left in flame
Slaves and caves

After appointing Content Not Found: null_ AS the new captain aboard the new exodus he found out that Thaddius was a former jedi master, but due to thaddius saving the crew and the people aboard the exodus Kren trusted him enough not to turn him in and listen to his advice to head to dieu the slave world to find a slicer that could forge the ship paperwork and continue to wonder the galaxy without the empire on their back, once they arrived on planet they quickly found out that this was going to be much more difficult then before, The slicer being a slave and ran away to a restricted section of the planet, Before they left however Kren looked around and upon climbing a tower found two slaves chained to a metal floor, the heat from the sun burning their feet. With some slight of hand he freed a green twilek who gave him a kiss on the cheek for his help, and once he freed he found out that the wookie was not trapped at all and that he actually wanted to be killed, before kren slipped his blade into the wookie’s heart he gave him a small wooden charm, killing the wookie he made his way back to the group then to the slave master. buying the green twilek Caie Sillint heading to the cave, and entering inside the group was split up and captured what could only be determined as Force hallucinations each member seeing something different..waking up they found themselves upside down tied to the roof of the cave Mur’ocol’siserci and _Content Not Found: null being chiss quickly cut themselves down landing perfactly as they heard the large footsteps of the beast that captured them while Tenzin Faro broke his leg on the landing, seeing the beast return kren dragged the doctor out of sight. only to see thaddius being dragged by the monster, and also being tied to the roof of the cave. after the beast left they cut thaddius down and the slicer seeing the beast return once again kren got into a sniping position telling rocol’s and tenz to cover for him, after a long battle tenz breaking most of his ribs after getting hit into a wall they found another chiss. it was strange seeing them in this side of the galaxy and it turns out it was Rleri’noaw’auna a chiss with amnesia. Returning to the slave camp they decided it was a good idea to attack it, kren being split off from the group made his way to the slave master’s officer where he dropped a grenade and proceeded to rko out the man out the building as it exploded (epic i know) tenz was busy disableing the AA guns and after getting shot and falling off the building instructed scotty to push the AA guns on the droids that were attacking which he did causing them to be crushed however rocols and inowa ended up shooting and blowing up two slaves that were two days away from retirement. Kren after rkoing the slave master destroyed the anti tank gun before jumping off a cargo container killing the remaining slave driver. Scruffy was in the air firing at a transport ship causeing it to make an emergency landing. securing the ship and the slaves in the cryo pods the group wen’t back to the exodus and made their way to nar shadda where a whole new adventure was in store

The shadow of the exodus
The beginning of the adventure

On a transport ship called the exodus on route to nar shadda through hyperspace transporting a few vip’s came under siege by an experimental imperial ship At first the imperials were searching for an suspected jedi. but soon turned their attention the vip’s starting a confrontation that killed the captain of the exodus and caused a chain of events that would soon lead these vip’s down an interesting path. During the siege Two of the vip’s ducked into the vent’s these men were Tenzin Faro A doctor wanted by the empire and Thaddius A mysterious jedi master on the run from the empire, while the other two in the lounge Mur’ocol’siserci A chiss noble on route to nar shadda to help his family’s medical clinic and Scotty A mercenary on his way to the smuggler moon to look for work stayed in the lounge. but due to the twitchy situation scotty ended up shooting a storm trooper causing a fire fight aboard the ship. meanwhile rocol’s body gaurd Content Not Found: null was in the cockpit dealing with the imperial officer and later started a fist fight with him when the shooting started. Tenz and thaddius ended up landing in the middle of the ship right in the middle of the fire fight. After two explosions caused by the doctor they took back the bridge and made their way to save the other passengers, after a drug out battle Kren declared himself the new captain, and after the explosions the engine was tearing the ship apart and the only option was to attack the experimental ship. Kren took the largest gun on the ship while tenz used the vents to find the security room after he set the droids aboard the ship to explode and go berserk kren rushed in and cleared the ship of the storm troopers breaking the gun in the process. After getting on the bridge with the rest of the team kren was put in critical condition by alder berries, the clone commander in charge. when a hero came from the passengers named Stryker and Scruffy and joined the fight then the vip’s were in need of support and with his help they killed the clones and storm troopers securing the bridge saving the passengers

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