Former CEDF operative, current rogue


1.8 meters tall with fair blue skin black messy hair under a tactical visor resting on the top of his head and a Burn on the left side of his face near the cheek area He wears Old jedi combat armor with a Red Duster and white wide brim hat.
Kren carries around a Heavy modded DC-17 with a Lazer sight scope along with a sniper rifle and shotgun attachment clipped to his belt (outdated)
Kren carries Roccol’s Old EE-1 Along with a charger rifle and Haze (experimental assault rifle) On his back

concealed he’d have a light saber and a stun knife on his book that could be dejected.

Head: Kren would be wearing a white wide brim hat with sonar goggles hanging off the top of them, they were extremely stylish

Chest: Kren would be wearing old jedi training gear under a Red duster


Back: Would have a Tactical backpack Often used to give secure transmissions to his crew members and other allies,
Charger rifle

Arms: Would have Melee gauntlet with Wire gloves increasing his capabilities in CQC
The gauntlet would also Allow For An aim assist function hooking up directly to his sonar goggles

Waist: There would be a concealed Light saber Hidden on Kren’s belt along with a few knifes, one of which was a Mono knife as well as a Lira gravity belt

Legs: Standard issue power cell pants to secure more power cells to his body in case he was in need of extra

Feet: His boots would have a slot for a knife Allowing him to strike and attack using his legs



Former operative to the CEDF Code name: Xero was forced to retire after he was caught in an explosion during an operation, being forced to be put in a more passive role as body guard towards diplomatic or covert missions, Kren was born on Csilla and became an up and coming star in the academy quickly reaching the rank of operative after training, however during an evacuation he was caught in a blast burning the left side of his face along with damaging some of his body, due to the fact cybernetics were out of the question while becoming an operative for risk of slicing and detection he was forced to retire to a more subtle position, leading him to his new objective aboard the exodus to protect Mur’ocol’siserci

Being an operative Kren is a large fan of knives and CQC combat OR long range comabt, aswell from his time during operations he has gained the knack for leadership and knows his way around a few tactics, though he isn’t in his prime he can hold his own

Currently Kren is the captain aboard the new exodus leading a group of rag tag people as freelancers for hire, the Current crew consists of:
Mur’ocol’siserci (pilot) Relationship: Kren went through the academy with rocols, and quickly developed a brotherly bond with the chiss, not leaving his side unless necessary, after the academy they went their separate ways but ended up meeting again under an interesting twist of fate.
Rleri’noaw’auna (soldier) Relationship Though they’ve only know each other a short time because of rocols relationship with her kren has begun to treat her more as family then regular chiss, often poking fun at the two.
Scotty (mercenary) relationship: Scotty and kren have had a rocky friendship at best, willing to cover each others back in a crisis but always at each other’s throats when they are not shooting at the same target.
Scruffy (Fighter pilot/janitor)
Tenzin (doctor) Relationship: They have a very deep love hate relationship but they tend to get along once everything has settled down.
Andula Tei (padawan) relationship : will update soon
Thaddius (jedi master) relationship: One of kren’s trusted friends when it comes to opinions, kren has fought for this man, and he has returned the favor saving him countless times, kren will do it again if it means thaddius is safe
Content Not Found: caie-lylith relationship best for last: Kren met caie on a slave
world and saved her from burning to death chained to a roof top, from there he bought her for 10 credits, she was under the impression that she was a pleasure slave but after he convinced her she wasn’t they developed a romantic relationship like a regular couple, though they don’t often spend as much time as they like with each the feelings they have are genuine and they would die for each other without a second thought


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