Akari Pyne

Bounty Hunter, Worked with Scotty.


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Current Buffs:

  • Dedicated Fixing: +1 ac*


  • Gear/Hunter Training: Scan/search +4
  • Power Armor Training


  • Combat Armor (6AC) (Retail: 25k)
  • Helmet Visor +4 to Spot, +Voice Scrambler
  • ID Visor
  • Cardio Belt (+2 to Fortitude, +4 to Acrobat/Athletics.)
  • Mandalorian Jet-Pack (need training)


  • Glue Stick (1d20 Cripple)
  • 2 Blasters Pistol Shot Guns (2 to Attack. Damage: 3d6+3) Cells: Incendiary 1d6+2
  • T21 Light Repeater (Crit range 19-20) (Damage: 1d12+3) Cells: Armor Piercing +3 to Attack
    Stun setting Non Full-auto only.
    Full-auto Three Attacks: +3/0/-3
  • T8 Blaster Carbine: 1d8, +2 to attack, Advantage (better of the two rolls) Plus Stun Setting.


  • IPKC Licence
  • 2 Thermal Detonators 5d10
  • Ammo Clip x2 Plasma 1d6+2
  • Ammo Clip x2 Piercing +3 to Attack

Long time hunter who’s been in the Bounty Hunters Guild.


One day he see’s a few of the Crew of the New Exodus with a bounty totaling for Five Hundred Thousand Credits. He decides to follow them to Corellia where he would then think of a plan and form a group of hunters to take them down. Then suddenly their Bounties disappear and he gets extremely confused. He see’s one of the crew members Arden Sul a Naboo guard walk out and he tries to capture him to question him on the meaning of the disappearance of their bounties but his electronet launcher jams and Arden gets away and lets the rest of the crew know in which Akari finds him self getting shot at by a fighter and then surrounded by Clones.

Luckily among the chaos, Scotty- An long time hunter long side Akari- notices Akari and brings him aboard the ship and explains everything about the Empire. Akari reluctantly joins the crew in which now he finds himself in very interesting situations as he gets to know the crew of the New Exodus.


Kren’sin’vah Neutral, brief talks with Kren when the ship was being surrounded by Imperial Troopers left Akari feeling unsure about how he’ll work with Kren. Though, in light of him joining him on the the latest Bounty Hunting job, Akari has a bit more respect for Kren in his skills as a sniper and getting the job done when Akari marked out the leader of a pirate band and Kren annihilated the Leader.

Caie Sillint: Good. Akari enjoys her flirty and mischievous side though he stands within caution around her. He values her stealth and insight to any situation and views her as an asset in his career in Bounty Hunting. Also she cheats at Pazaak. Just kidding he had fun playing it for the first time.

The Clones: Good. Akari Respects the clones and their value especially after taking down twenty pirates, they were a huge asset in the plan. He only knows a few of them personally but so far he’s like each one he’s talked to. Though Jazz, Akari isn’t too fond of his personally but values his skills as a slicer.

The Bounty Hunters’ Creed

  1. The First Tenet: People Don’t Have Bounties, Only Acquisitions Have Bounties.
  2. The Second Tenet: Capture By Design, Kill By Necessity.
  3. The Third Tenet: No Hunter Shall Slay Another Hunter.
  4. The Fourth Tenet: No Hunter Shall Interfere with Another’s Hunt.
  5. The Fifth Tenet: In the Hunt, One Captures or Kills, Never Both.
  6. The Sixth Tenet: No Hunter Shall Refuse Aid to Another Hunter.

Guild Rules

  1. Accept the job your Guild contractor gives you.
  2. Don’t question your Guild contractor.
  3. Never deny aid to a Guildmember.
  4. Don’t poach in another hunter’s territory.
  5. Submit any disputes between hunters to the Guild for arbitration.

Bounty Hunter Terms:

  • (IOCI) Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation
  • (NCR) Notice of Civil Remandation
  • Imperial Enforcement DataCore
  • (IPKC) Imperial Peacekeeping Certificate

Non-Government Bounties

  • Underworld Bounties -Shadowfeeds Ie: Cynabar’s Infonet-*
  • Blacklist
  • Corporate Bounties
  • Private Bounties
  • Imperial Secruity Bureau (ISB) Listings Known as (LAACD) Legal Authorization for Advanced Containment.


  • Most Wanted (Bounty Range: In Excess of 200,000 Credits)
  • Galactic (Bounty Range: 50,000-200,00 Credits)
  • Regional (Bounty Range: 20,000-75,000 Credits)
  • Sector, System, And Planetary (Bounty Range:3,000-50,000 Credits)

Akari Pyne

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