Caie Sillint

Green Twilek, Former Slave



Current Buffs:

  • Alright Food (+1 Social)
  • Smell Good Toiletries (+2 Social)


  • Black Body Glove (Thermal Dampening) (5 Stealth) (2 Social for Certain enemies)
  • Black Padme Fireplace Dress (+4 Social)
  • Silver Diplomacy Dress (+4 Diplomacy, 2d20 choose higher)
  • Lavender Sand is Rough Dress (+4 Flirt, 2d20 choose higher)
  • Gilded Slave Outfit (+5 Flirt)
  • (X4) Clubbing Outfit /w pockets (+2 sneak, + 2 conceal carry, + 2 talking)
  • Regular Clothes: Wrap Dress, Leggings, Jacket, Wrap Top


  • (Broken)Dark Vision Goggles
  • Blaster Wrist Mount (Let’s me Dual Wield)
  • ID goggles
  • Sensor Glove (Can hear in other rooms)
  • Nano Boots (+ 1 energy cell can stay on wall for 3 rounds) (+ 4 to acrobatics)
  • Small energy wrist holder (stores 5 energy cells)
  • Headtail Wraps (+3 Social)
  • (Broken) Stealth Field Generator (3 rounds costs 2 energy cells) (+10 Sneak)
  • Implant (+ 3 slicing, Hacking, Engineering, +3 persuasion/intimidate with touch)


Sorub ELGA Diplomat’s Blaster (Concealable)
To Hit: 1d20 + 5
Damage Silenced: 1d6 + 2
Damage Un-Silenced: 1d6 + 2 (x2 & Choose Higher)
Damage From Stealth: + Additional 2d6

Stealth Blaster Pistol (x2)
To Hit: 1d20 + 3
Damage: 1D6 + 3
Damage (From Stealth): 3D6 + 3
Damage from Plasma Cells, Additional: 1D6 + 3

Kren’s Sniper Rifle
To Hit: 1d20 (-1 for every 100 meters)
Damage: 2d12+10

Slugthrower Pistol
To Hit: 1d20 + 2
Damage: 1d6 + 2 1d4 bleed

Sonic Blaster
To Hit: 1d20 + 2
Damage: 1d4 + 2 (x2) (Choose Higher)

Other Items

  • Krayt Dragon Pearl
  • SharylArah Vintage 1435 BCW (Rhyloth Champaign aged for 1k years) (Worth $800)
  • Gash the ‘Cat’
  • $720 Credits

Age: 20
Languages: Ryl, Basic, Huttese, Old Corellian, Smugglers Cant, Mando’a, Aquilish, Bocce, Bith, Gamorrese, Gand, Jawaese, Mirialan, Mon Calamarian, Naboo, Rodese, Shyriiwook


  • Kren’sin’vah: Kren rescued Caie when she was a slave and purchased her for 10 credits. After, she realized he didn’t plan to use her as a pleasure slave, they formed a real relationship. Each were the foundation for the other when life got rough—which often happened, making them closer. Kren eventually paid her debts, freeing her, and in time, they became engaged.
  • akari pyne: Akari and Caie are friendly. He took her out to teach her the ropes of bounty hunting, they did pranking together, and both enjoy Pazaak.
  • Andula Tei: They’re friendly, but don’t have as much in common as Caie and Olivia.
  • Mur’ocol’siserci: Rocols is Kren’s best friend—which makes him important to Caie. In addition, he’s an honorable guy who knows how to have fun. #Helicopter #Mop
  • Seraphina (Sera): Sera is a 9-year old who found herself on the crew. Caie instantly took a liking to Sera and tried to make her feel at home. She sees herself as a big sister to Sera and wants to give her the childhood Sera was/is missing.
  • Tenzin Faro: Tenz and Caie never seem to understand each other very well. They often bicker and Tenz once flash-banged Caie when she was fighting with Akima, putting these two often at odds.
  • Thaddius: Thaddius and Caie saved each other on nar shadaa. Thaddius also pressured Kren into liberating Diyu, which heavily influences the amount of respect Caie has for him. Not to mention, Thaddius is one of the only people who seem to really enjoy Caie’s terrible sense of humor.
  • Olivia: Olivia is Scotty’s Zeltron ‘wife.’ She and Caie actually have things in common—both are a bit flirty and both are fairly girly. Olivia might be a bit wild for Caie, but she’s tame for a Zeltron. She’s someone that Caie really enjoys hanging out with, probably her favorite girl friend, even if they just met.
  • Tara Sillent: Caie and her mother didn’t always agree, but they loved each other. Caie thought her mother was dead since their planet was taken over, but found out from the Blue Ghost her mother was alive and being held as a miner slave in the Kessel System.
  • Vlatta’kim’aushi: Akima is Kren’s ex-fiance. Caie and Akima hate each other. Not to be dramatic, but she’s kind of evil incarnate.
  • Gash: Caie’s pet Cat-like-thing. It likes to scratch!

Caie Sillint

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