Tenzin Faro

medic, doctor, surgeon thing.


Health: 25
Armor: 16 heavy or 13 light

Mando Armor (5 defense)
Astro belt (2 all stats)
Mando cannon
Mando Ripper 2 (d10 +1)
Trandosian deckclearer (2d8 +3) (d4 cripple)
flamethrower (3d4
3) reflex half
wrist rocket (3d10+10)
dart launcher
thermal detonator (5d10)
med bag ( 8 medical)
Arch guidance system (
4 thrown)
Mabari weave (2 armor 10% resist flame shock kinetic)
Sweet tan (1 charisma)
Tenz’s crystal (2 to hit/ increased damage d4=d6/ allows one use to call on the force roll d20 add number.)
One power= pet for one encounter. (
5 hit, 1d6+2, 14AC ten health) computer, repair, security, demo 7
Astromech deck clearer +4 hit 5d6
Armored boots +1 Ac
Cortosis plating 3 energy resist
Night vision visor (
1 hit night sight)
Rcs unit (mid air dodge)
Power glove (+3 melee)


Born on Polis massa, Tenzin strived to become a medical professional to go aid in the relief efforts of war ravaged star systems, causing him to leave his home.

  • age:31
  • gender: male
  • Crime: suspected giving aid to Jedi fugetives
  • Family: Saldik Faro [deceased]
  • Finia Faro [deceased]

Tenzin Faro

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